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Hi …..
Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. I’m a UX student conducting interviews for my project focusing on moving within Canada.
Is it possible to record the meeting for note convenience purposes?
I would like to point out that all answers are confidential and anonymous. They will be pooled with answers from other volunteers to be included in the assignment. There are no right or wrong answers. So please answers freely.
Do you have any questions before we begin?

How old are you?
What do you do?
Where do you live now?
With whom do you live? A partner? Family? Children?
Do you have pets?
Where did you move from?
When did you move to?
How long did you live in your old place?
With whom did you move?
What was the reason of the move?


How much time did you have to move? Tell me more?
Tell me about this experience?
How did you feel about it?
What made you feel this way?

How long did it take you to plan this move?
What were you offered as planning help?
Who did you seek for help?
Where did you find your information/tips on moving?

Who financed the move?
What did you use to move?
Who helped you?
How did you find out about them? It?
How did you decide on the moving company?
How did they explain the process?
What made you take this decision?
What was communicated to you?
How did you feel about that part of the process? Why?
What could have made it better?

Tell me about your packing process? How did you go about you packing?
What did you need to pack?
How did you plan your packing time?
How did you decide on what material or how much supply you needed?
Where did you get the supplies from?
Did you have help?
What about labeling?
What about necessities?

How do you remember the day of the move?
Tell me about the day of the move? How did you feel?
If you needed to rate your stress from 1-10, what level would it be?
Where the movers on time?
What were the unexpected issues that you did not plan for?
What about the food?
Saying good buy?
What would you do differently? How? Why?
How did you say goodbye to you old place?

How long did it take to arrive?
How did the unloading go? Tell me more?
What was the plan to distribute the furniture and the packing?
How did you go about the unpacking?
How long did it take you to do so?
What is stopping you?
If you had to do it all over again what would you do differently? Why?
What are the three main things that matter the most to you?

Would you like to add anything?

I hope you make wonderful memories in your new home.
Thank you for sharing your experience with me.
Have a great day.


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